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A) BOOKING AND PRICE INFORMATION Prices shown are current at the time of publication. Tour information and the price list form part of the brochure. The prices are subject to change due to increase in airfares, other transportation costs, hotel rates, exchange rates, government taxes, etc. Therefore the company reserves the right to increase prices on condition that it informs the Traveler accordingly before the confirmation of the tour. All information in the booking forms shall be completed correct and true. Submission of relevant travel documents must be made no later than thirty (30) days before the departure date. Kindly seek sales consultant on the schedule of payment and documents required such as Passport, Identity Card and etc. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in cancellation of the booking and forfeiture of the deposit. (B) PAYMENT OF DEPOSIT/FULL PAYMENT OF GROUP TOUR PACKAGES A maximum deposit of 25% of the tour fare per person must be paid as a reservation fee. Full payment for Individual (FIT) registration MUST be made by the Tour Member no later than forty-five (45) days before the date of departure. All payments (Deposit/Full Payment) can be made through one (1) of the payment mediums as mentioned below: (i) Cash Transfer to ECSB Bank Account via E.F.T (Electronic Fund Transfer-Instant Transfer) As Follows: Account Name: EXPLORASI CINTA TRAVEL AND TOURS SDN BHD Bank Name: RHB BANK No. ACCOUNT: 2140-5300-1225-94 (ii) Payment via Debit/Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard/JCB) via Explorasi Cinta Website (STRIPE)* or through the Debit/Credit Card Payment Terminal provided by ECSB*. *Note: 3% will be charge (per usage) as service charge for using Credit Card usage set by STRIPE and Terminal Provider. A copy of the payment must be attached together in the registration form for ECSB usage/records. The receipt of payment will be given to the Traveler. (C) AMENDMENT Upon confirmation of tour, no changes can be made within 8 working days and 12 working days for(GIT) before the date of departure. Any subsequent change made to the reservation upon confirmation is subject to amendment charge of RM 50 per person per change. Changes in part of the original package are subject to the difference in price at the time the package changes are made, and any cost difference is borne solely by the Traveler including the charges set by ground operators and flight authority. The changes such as amendment of itinerary, extra activities or earlier/later returning flight. Changing the entire reservation constitutes a cancellation of the original reservation and is subject to cancellation charges as defined in the cancellation policy (See Item G). The Company reserves the right to amend any itinerary or reservation made with prior notice to the Traveler. Itinerary changes may occur due to unpredictable weather conditions or unexpected flight disruptions and etc. Refund on Unused Service - No refund or reduction will be made in respect of airfare, accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours, transport or any other services which are included in the tour fare but not utilised by the Traveler due to personal reasons. (D) TRAVEL DOCUMENTS It is responsibility of Traveler to ensure that all relevant travel documents are true, correct and valid. The Traveler must have: (a) An international passport or other recognized travel document that should be valid for a period of at least 6 months from the date of return to the country of origin. (b) The necessary visa and vaccination and health certificate required by the various authorities of the country to visit. Responsibility On behalf of the Company; the Company undertakes to: (a) Advise The Traveler on the required documents (b) Wherever possible, Sales Consultant may assist Traveler in obtaining the necessary visa. However, ECSB cannot guarantee the approval of any visa application. It falls under the The Country’s local authority. Relevant Fees and Charges for Visa shall solely bear by the Traveler. Refusal of Visa or Travel Document - If for any reason, the visa application or exit permit being rejected, the tour fare after deducting the administration fee will be refunded based on booking arrangement made such as hotel or flight booking and refund amount will be based on charges by ground operators, airlines and local authority. Refusal of Admission - The Company shall not be liable or liable for any expenses, reimbursement, or refund of travel fares if any Traveler is not allowed to enter or deported by immigration authorities for unlawful possession of goods or holding improper travel documents or other reasons or whose conduct and its activities are considered by foreign governments to be disastrous. (E) ADDITIONAL CHARGES IF NECESSARY Payment of RM200 if the bag or complimentary items during purchase (if any) is not returned in perfect condition. (Outbound) in any case of cancellation of trip. Any package cancellation charges are subject to cancellation conditions by the ground operators and local authority. If for any reason, the application for visa or necessary permit is rejected, a re-application cost is borne by the Traveler. The unmentioned tipping during the trip from local authority / local ground other than tour guide tipping. (F) CANCELLATION BY THE COMPANY The Company reserves the right to cancel Tour in the event of a natural disaster, war, strike, riot or on the orders of the Government of Malaysia and the country to be visited which is beyond the control of the Company with advance notice to the Traveler. The Company shall recommend alternative tours preferably to the same destination or other tours. Should the Traveler decide not to accept the alternative tours, all payment paid less the administrative fees will be refunded to the Traveler. The amount refunded is based on the terms of ground operators, flight and local authority. G) CANCELLATION BY TOUR MEMBER Cancellation of booking must be made in writing to avoid misunderstanding. Cancellation notice receive of 30 working days or more before departure date, minimum administration fee of RM 50.00 or 10% of the tour deposit (whichever is higher) per person will be charged. If the cancellation notice is received 29 days or less before the departure date, there will be charges apply. The respective airline’s cancellation policy shall apply in addition to the charges. (Note: The airline ticket is restricted and subject to the Airline’s Terms and Conditions. It may be non-endorsable, non-reissuable, non-refundable and non-reroutable). Any alteration in routing or change of date of travel by Traveler is solely on own risk. The company or its associated agents shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused and extra expenses incurred. (H) INSURANCE Please note that travel insurance is not included in the package. ECSB recommend for Tour Member to consider purchasing travel insurance to ensure coverage for any unforeseen events during your trip. Tour Member can seek advise from ECSB Travel consultant for futher information.


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